Collaborative Product Design Sessions Scratch Pad

working through some first principles of collaborative product design sessions...first thoughts here following several sessions with UCP and AUT

  1. ask the question - do we want change?
  2. the problem of change is cultural, not technical
  3. technology can facilitate change, but there has to be a cultural need & driver first
  4. facilitating sessions should not focus on technology, they should focus on process and problems
  5. start with a description of the current workflow
  6. always move one step at a time, get clarifying answers, ask dumb questions, the dumber the better
  7. own stupid problems, laugh about them!
  8. identify pain points
  9. quantify time periods, roles, gatekeepers
  10. ask how they would like to work, let the conversation roam
  11. anchor points that seem important and/or repeated themes
  12. always move one small step at a time in the story
  13. reduce, reduce, reduce to simple agreements
  14. document it all in simple terms as you do it