Learning Node

Its that time again...time to learn something new. On my radar right now is Node - the environment for executing Javascript on the server. It's a long time since I gave up learning to program. I built several systems in perl and PHP and tinkered in Python. I also learned some Javascript a long time ago...as I'm writing I am also remembering I did a few projects in Visual Basic and RealBasic (Mac)...eeeek....those were...err...the days...the days, that is, when I couldnt afford to pay someone to do it properly. I would describe myself as a cut n paster, not a programmer.

However, node really moves the game on. It has been around for a while now but everything interesting I see online these days is more than likely to be using node in some capacity. So, after having recently finished a reasonably schedule heavy job I have time to work on my own projects and start tinkering again. I'm really enjoying it. I don't want to be a programmer, but I find that gaining a working knowledge of interesting new technologies really helps me imagine what is possible and talk psuedo intelligently with programmers about ideas.

Node looks to be one very interesting option for whatever I do next. I'm using Talentbuddy to get a start. They have some good free starters tutorials. I'll try them out and see where I get. Having said that I have, just this minute, discovered learnjs http://learnjs.io/, so it looks like no shortage of learning opportunities. Awesome.